" . . . from all of us here, please tell EVERYONE at Seward Screw that we are very, very grateful for their collective hard work and dedication to get the first shipment of the new parts here, given such a short lead time!"

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A Bit of History

Dr. E. G. Falconer,

Seward Screw Products' Founder


Located in Seward, Illinois, Seward Screw, LLC is a family-owned precision parts manufacturer. It was founded in 1954 as Seward Screw Products, Inc., by Dr. E.G. Falconer, the local physician. Dr. Falconer kept his medical practice in this small town from 1938 until 1985. He was community-minded and was instrumental in the growth and well-being of the town where he maintained his practice and raised his family. Seward Screw Products, Inc. was the result of his desire to create local job opportunities and to boost the economy of the town and its people.

In 1954, the president of Greenlee Brothers, Inc. suggested that Dr. Falconer start his own company and he sold him a new Greenlee automatic bar machine. A small building was erected and the machine was put to work. A product of his resourceful and hard-working generation, he would do quotations at night, deliver parts in the morning and meet with salesmen between his appointments with patients. Ever since those early days, Seward Screw Products has remained a family held corporation, carrying on Dr. Falconer’s vision and legacy. His daughter and two sons held various positions with the company during their working careers.  His youngest son, Dale, served as President from 1984 until 2014.  The company's management team has continued to uphold the same principles and values that Dr. Falconer instilled in his family —to always put the customer's needs first.

In 2016 Seward Screw Products was purchased by the owners of Slidematic Precision Components and formed Seward Screw, LLC.  Slidematic is a third generation family owned business in Rockford Illinois.  They are a manufacturer of specialty cold headed products and a distributor of standard fasteners. Slidematic saw complementary and synergistic opportunities for their company and Seward Screw.  The two companies share some customers and share the same principles and values as Dr. Falconer--always put the customer's needs first.




Throughout our impressive growth and twelve building expansions, one thing hasn't changed, and will always remain true: striving to exceed our customer's expectations and continually enhancing our products and services. With our solid experience and expertise in the industry, Seward Screw's approach is a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, streamlined processes, and a strong commitment to customer service. We invite you to learn more about our company, and to understand the Seward Screw difference.

May 1961

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