SSP's 2012 U of I Engineering Team


In the fall and winter of 2012, Seward Screw served as an Industry Partner for the Senior Engineering Project at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. This senior project is the capstone course for second semester seniors in Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering and provides real-world engineering challenges for the students.
The Industry Partner writes up a problem statement that needs to be addressed. Professor Harry Wildblood visits the Industry Partner to gather facts, photos, etc. The student teams pick the top 5 problems that they are interested in, and then the teams are matched up with an Industry Partner. The team of students visits the Industry Partner face-to-face and then begins on the project. During the semester, the teams of students check in with the Industry Partner four times with progress reports.
SSP’s problem statement dealt with the optimizing and costing of washing and packing parts. The team analyzed Seward Screw’s current operations, performed statistics, designed a cost estimation tool and made recommendations for achieving better pricing through cost awareness.
At the end of the semester, Seward Screw traveled to Urbana for the final presentation and luncheon. The team presented their solution, their work to arrive at the solution, and ways to implement their solution.
The project team enabled Seward Screw to “borrow” resources to work on a project they had been unable to get to, and it gave the students some real life engineering challenges to add to their experience base.
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