Success Stories

We understand that in this highly competitive business, the customer has their pick of suppliers. But our customers have come to know the Seward Screw difference: our unique level of service, our dedication to quality, and the passion and knowledge of our people. The stories below reflect this difference, and illustrate how we build customer relationships that last.

Pivot Shaft and Pivot Bushing/Nut


Seward Screw collaborated with our customer, a manufacturer of motorcycles, in the re-design of their existing “pivot shaft” and “pivot bushing/nut” parts in order to solve application issues with loosening, and to reduce the cost of the rear suspension's pivot assembly system.

The pivot shafts were being machined from a costly pre-hardened 4140 alloy steel. The external thread design changed to an internal thread design. The resulting changes to the joint enabled us to suggest a lower cost, faster machining material grade that resulted in a significant cost reduction. 

The two mating pivot bushings/nuts were being machined from bar, followed by an application of Scotch-Grip™ thread adhesive applied to the internal threads. The internal threads and thread adhesive were no longer needed and we offered a cold formed part as a replacement for the costly machined part. This resulted in another significant cost savings over the slower machining process.

The resulting changes in design, manufacturing processes, and materials saved our customer 30% or approximately $400,000 annually.

Selecting the Best Process

We recently worked with one of our customers to change the process on several of their parts. By reworking our process in order to find a custom solution for the customer, we were able to save them a significant amount of money without affecting the functionality of the various parts.

With our diverse capability, we use up to three different processes to make parts as they evolve in their design life/volume life. We have single-spindle lathes, multiple-spindle automatics, or high-speed coldforming with or without secondary operations. We can produce parts to net shape or near net shape using the best process for the parts' geometry and volume. Secondary operations to the blank are possible, if needed. Our experienced engineers can make the proper recommendations for dimensional consideration and material consideration, so that our processes benefit the customer.

Seeing is Believing

A parts buyer learned about us via our website and requested a quote. He faxed over a sketch of the part they were looking for, and our engineers and estimators worked to quickly send a quote back. The company was interested in the budgetary number, but still weren't entirely convinced, so they requested a meeting at our facilities.​

One visit to Seward Screw made the difference. Impressed both with our plant and the knowledge of our dedicated staff, the company hired us that very day. They went from considering us as a possible back-up source to offering us the entire family of parts as the primary source.